Our Mission:

To Engineer and Design Facilities and Systems that allow our clients to maximize: their services, operate efficiently and cost-effectively and make the best decisions moving forward for their buildings and business.

Strong Communication

Our engineers listen to our partners' needs to provide custom solutions that are the best fit for their facility.


Our commitment goes beyond the implementation of the project; we aspire to build long term relationships with our partners.


Each unique partner deserves a unique solution. We are constantly expanding upon creative and fresh ideas to benefit each facility.

Quality Service

Quality is not compromised with all engineering services available under one roof with the team at PWI.

The PWI Elements of Success


Your facility is your foundation. It is essential for your facility to function on a day-to-day basis, without any interruptions.


In order to make sure your business is functioning at optimal capacity, upgrade your facility to take your operations to the next level and improve processes.


Sustainable energy and power help to reduce air pollution and green gas emissions while making the community a safer place.


We are a lean-based company, looking to conserve your implementation budget, while savings on the long term operating and maintenance costs.

PWI is a leader in facility systems engineering
and sustainable energy design.

From innovative engineering design and project management to strategic energy and facility master planning, our client-centered teams strive to exceed expectations all under one roof.

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