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Our Approach to Engineering

Unlike many other MEP firms, PWI Engineering provides a myriad of value added services under one roof that allows us to provide an all-inclusive service for our clients. Lean concepts are prevalent and integrating it into our approach. We are able to have all of the disciplines, analysts, and managers at the table from the beginning to identify all components, tasks, and challenges involved in each project.

 There is nothing better than a good Pull Planning session, with design professionals, and with the installing contractors, construction managers, and clients.

The PWI Approach

From a project delivery method PWI Engineering has the capability to

Lead the project

for the client as the owner representative

Be the leading element

in the design professional team, leading all disciplines in the design to include architecture, civil, structural and environmental engineering.

Be a sub-contractor

to the leading architectural element.

The PWI Approach

PWI Engineering Contract Methods


A traditional process where the owner contracts separately with the designer and contractor


The owner typically contracts a single entity, the contractor, to perform the design and construction services


In this process, the construction team collaborates with the architect or engineer during the design phase


IPD is a collaborative approach to harness the talents and insights of all participants to optimize efficiency and results.

The PWI Approach

Prior to the design phase:

PWI Engineering has the expertise to:

  • Provide investment grade feasibility studies

  • Provide Strategic Master planning

  • Source funding with Grants and Rebates to provide capital

  • Provide energy and performance modeling to provide an overall lifecycle operating cost of potential concepts

The PWI Approach

After the design phase and construction:

PWI Engineering has the ability to:

  • Commission systems

  • Provide measurement and verification to ensure that systems are performing based on the design intent

  • Procure utilities to optimally meet operating costs

  • Advise the client on operational requirements to ensure that performance is being met.

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