Lancaster General Hospital
Penn Medicine 


Lancaster, Pa


Lancaster General Hopsital


Combustion turbine, gas compressor, heat recovery steam generator & 1,000 ton steam turbine chiller

• Two 2.0 megawatt diesel generators with capacity for two future 2.0 megawatt generators

• Three cooling towers to support chiller plant

• Custom switchgear with integrated controls to regulate all the generators and associated equipment LGH currently purchasing minimum power requirement from utility provider

• Steam is used to heat facility, domestic hot water, laundry and sterilization. Currently only one boiler (of three) is running concurrent with the heat recovery steam generator.

• Steam-driven chiller is used to provide process chilled water in the spring/summer/fall months.


With the effi cient process and Best in Class Technology, there is a regional reduction in carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur dioxides reducing the impact on the environment, and lowering cost of operations

• Square footage of healthcare facility served by expanded plant: 1 million


Island mode capability allows hospital to operate during emergency events independent of power grid

• Emergency fuel reserves support Joint Commission requirement for 96-hours of facility operation in event of a disaster

• Critical components are 30 feet above street level to mitigate the potential of flood impact