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energy engineering

There are three equally important components to an Energy Management Program; Supply Side – the utility, Demand Side – the building and its equipment, and People – all levels of an organization.

mechanical engineering

Our mechanical engineers and designers specialize in the complexities of hospitals, ambulatory centers and outpatient facilities. Here at PWI we have great teams for many other markets.

electrical engineering

Working with building power systems and security systems, PWI’s electrical engineers work to create “solutions that work” for your project. Our electrical engineers work in a wide variety of market.

Plumbing engineering is responsible for creating the ultimate plan to maximize the water and gas efficiency within a building, while including any sustainable elements in the design to reduce unnecessary water usage and reuse water.

fire protection

Time is of the essence when it comes to safety and protection. Not only do buildings require an accurate alarm and detection service, but protective fire safety elements must be implements to contain and reduce the fire.


value added services

What makes us different from other MEP firms is we provide value before the planning begins and well after the execution is complete.



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