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Mechanical engineering is a discipline that involves several components of building construction and design. Often, mechanical engineers are responsible for creating systems that work behind the scenes. These engineers regularly design the mechanical systems that generate heat, cool air, and ventilation for the entire building. Mechanical engineers are responsible for creating building automation systems or smoke management modeling. They can create entirely new systems, or retrofit and revamp an existing system.

The ultimate goal for a mechanical engineer is to create a system with the highest efficiency possible. A highly efficient system maximizes the amount of return, with a minimum amount of power input. Utilizing minimal energy can result in large cost savings for building owners and operators. Further, mechanical engineers look to limit the amount of unnecessary energy loss within a mechanical system. This can be accomplished by minimizing vibration and heat loss as the mechanical system runs. Making sure the mechanical component is the correct size for the application can help reduce operating costs, maximize the lifespan of the mechanical system, and reduce energy loss.


People at PWI Engineering

At PWI Engineering, our team of engineers is focused on creating sustainable mechanical designs. We aim to reduce material and energy waste through our mechanical systems. The team is passionate about sustainability and is well versed in using alternative energy, or green energy sources, for mechanical applications when possible. We have experience working within LEED certification standards and our designs often exceed LEED requirements.

Our team is experienced in creating complicated mechanical systems for large scale buildings such as hospitals, outpatient facilities, and ambulatory centers. Further, we have experience designing mechanical systems for office buildings, higher education buildings, and other commercial constructs. We are passionate about creating sustainable design and can help create mechanical systems such as:

We not only create a mechanical system that will help function efficiently today but is regularly planning for future improvements and growth. Having a mechanical system that can grow with the building is key to creating an efficient, well-designed system.

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