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Just like mechanical and electrical engineers, plumbing engineers play a vital role in any commercial building design. While a plumber is responsible for actualizing an overall, laid out plumbing plan, a plumbing engineer is responsible for creating the ultimate plan to maximize the water and gas efficiency within a building.  While creating the plumbing system for a building, the plumbing engineer accounts for the overall height of the building, specialized plumbing needs, necessary gas pipe design, and fire safety design. A plumbing engineer might also include any sustainable elements in the design to reduce unnecessary water usage and reuse water when possible.

With a variety of building uses, plumbing engineers are regularly employed to create customized plumbing solutions for very specific markets and industries. This can range from medical and hospital applications to wastewater treatment plants. The team at PWI has experience creating plumbing systems designed for:

In addition, plumbing engineers can create plumbing systems for a typical, office building or residential building constructions.  These engineers are not only experts at creating new plumbing designs for buildings but are well versed in retrofitting existing plumbing systems to meet new requirements or to increase sustainability within the building.  Plumbing engineers are also able to help with:

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At PWI, our engineers are passionate about sustainability.  We have completed several sustainable projects, and are experienced working within LEED specific requirements and certification.  Our team of plumbing engineers has experience working particularly closely with sustainable design elements throughout our buildings and projects.  Many modern plumbing systems regularly use recycled water throughout the system, or utilize gray water applications when possible. We can create solutions for rainwater, and introduce innovative ways to implement sustainability into waste water designs.  Ultimately, well-designed plumbing systems will not only help protect the Earth’s vital resources but can help save the building owner money through reduced utility costs.

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