Electrical Engineering

One of the more varied engineering disciplines, electrical engineers are responsible for bringing the electrical life to a building.  An electrical engineer focuses on the best way to utilize and distribute power throughout a building for anything from lighting to IT planning.  Our team of engineers are dedicated to finding “solutions that work” for your design and project.

Power Distribution

An electrical engineer will help create an overall path, or plan, for how power is distributed throughout a building.  Having a solid plan in mind when creating, or retrofitting, a building’s electrical work will ensure that vital systems throughout the building receive the necessary power.  Our engineers can help with power distribution designs for applications such as:

Life Safety Design

Often, electrical engineers are tasked with creating reliable life safety power systems throughout the building.  These systems are responsible for providing vital alerts and feedback throughout the project, designed to keep people and resources safe.  Some examples of life safety projects might include:

Lighting Controls

Lastly, electrical engineers are responsible for creating efficient, yet sustainable lighting controls throughout the building.  For effective lighting, the engineer will take into account the purpose, intent, and functionality of each building or room. An engineer might create lighting controls for:

Furthering our passion for sustainability, the electrical engineers at PWI regularly work with building architects and designers to utilize as much natural light and green energy alternatives as possible.  Natural lighting can easily illuminate a space, minimizing the amount of artificial lighting needed. Not only does natural light help to decrease a building’s carbon footprint, but it can help save the building owner money with reduced utility costs.


People at PWI Engineering

Our team of engineers have experience working with a variety of commercial buildings and understands the complex and intricate power needs for buildings such as hospitals, office buildings, biotechnology offices, and pharmaceutical buildings.  Many of these markets have specialized electrical needs that our engineers understand and easily accommodate through their innovative electrical designs. We design building electrical systems with the ability to scale with future needs, so our engineered plans can last for years to come.

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