Fire Protection / Fire Alarm

If a fire is present in a building, time is of the essence. Not only do buildings require an accurate alarm and detection service, but protective fire safety elements must be implements to contain and reduce the fire. At PWI, our team of engineers can design and implement fire protection systems to help safeguard any building. Our services include:

Fire Alarm

A trusted fire detection service is needed to help prevent fires. Fire alarms are pivotal for alerting people within a building about an imminent threat. Fire alarm systems come in many shapes and sizes and can be custom designed to suit the needs of any building. These systems can be hardwired into the building, or run on a low voltage energy system to reduce energy costs. Our electrical engineers are experts at creating integral fire systems to help keep people and buildings safe. Many fire alarms can not only alert to any danger but can accurately pinpoint the exact location of the possible fire.

Piping Systems

Piping systems throughout a building are paramount to help contain and eliminate fires. These systems can be wet systems carrying water, or dry systems with nitrogen gas. Each is intended to mitigate fire damage, property loss, and the loss of human life.

• Standpipe –  Standpipe systems are typically found on large commercial buildings.  These systems contain a series of pipes that connect to the main water supply with hose connections for the fire department to connect a fire hose to.  Standpipe systems are integral in any building and can help speed up extinguishing the fire with the help of the fire department.

• Water Sprinkler – Sprinkler heads are typically installed in every room or hallway in a building.  These sprinklers are connected to the main water supply. If the sprinkler is triggered, water is sprayed in a dome-shaped arc to suppress.  Because of the limited amount of water used in a sprinkler system, these systems typically have less water damage to the building compared to a traditional fire hose.

People at PWI Engineering

The team at PWI Engineering understands there is no greater importance than life safety. We carefully and skillfully design fire protection systems to keep people and property safe. Our specialized engineers can create innovative designs for every building, even specialty buildings requiring protection from hazardous materials or highly flammable chemicals. With the latest technology, our fire protection systems are designed to give you peace of mind and protection.

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