Energy Engineering

While any building is expensive to construct and maintain, building owners report that energy costs are one of the top five highest expenses. PWI Engineering is trying to change that. Between the use of alternative energy sources and the creation of innovative building designs, our engineers are successfully creating Energy Management Plans to help source greener fuels at a fraction of traditional operating costs.

Energy Supply

Sourcing energy can be a large part of the expense, as traditional energy sources put building owners at the mercy of big energy corporations.  Both sustainable and green, alternative energy sources come in several variants to suit your building’s needs. Energy produced from the wind, solar, or water can easily be implemented into any new or existing building design.

Energy Demand​

The key to any successful Energy Management Plan is to have a building that requires as little energy as possible.  Not only will this create a minimal carbon footprint, but it will help keep costs down. Key building designs take a village to create, so our engineers regularly work with designers and architects to create a space that takes advantage of sustainable resources.  Our designs can be as simple as utilizing available sunlight to light and heat an office space, to implementing state of the art alternative energy sources to power a medical facility.

People at PWI Engineering

Lastly, the people who live and work in our buildings everyday make the biggest impact on a sustainable design.  It is the choices and actions of the people that help put all the planning into motion. Generating a buzz about conservation and energy use can help limit energy costs, and keep excess energy production at a minimum.

At PWI Engineering, we strive to reduce energy costs in any new or existing building, by taking a three-pronged approach.  First, when creating an Energy Management Plan we focus on they supply side, where power is generated. Then, the demand side, to make sure we create a sustainable and efficient building.  Lastly, we understand the people living and working in the building, at all levels of the organization, are important to creating a successful Energy Management Plan.

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