NJ Alliance for Action paid tribute to more than 400 contracting, developer, engineering, higher education, utility, labor and other leaders for billions of dollars worth of ongoing construction work at New Jersey’s Leading Infrastructure Projects. PWI was the recipient for the Cooper University Hospital’s Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant in Camden, New Jersey. Brad Bathgate was the Project Manager and accepts the award on behalf of PWI. (Pictured left end)

The CHP plant consists of a 4.4 mW recuperated combustion turbine generator, with heat recovery steam generator. It also includes a 1,000 ton steam driven centrifugal chiller. As part of the Energy Resiliency Bank (ERB) Program requirements, this CHP plant will provide 100% of the peak steam needs as well as provide significant non-electric cooling capacity and will allow the hospital to operate normally during a 7-day period without delivery of fuel and is capable of black starting.

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