Saint Barnabas Medical Center 


Livingston, NJ

Support Services, Pediatrics, Acute Care, Emergency Medicine

Saint Barnabas Medical Center
Cooperman Family Pavilion & Site Improvements

Approximately 330,000 SF design of the new West Wing Addition, 3rd floor Maternity Renovation in the main building, 1st floor-East Wing-Oncology renovation, and a 400 car Parking Garage. Commissioning, and engineering leadership for a CHP Plant.

Four (4) floors of the addition included Diagnostic & Treatment Programs: EEG & Pulmonary Lab, Non-Invasive Cardiology suite, Inpatient Holding suite; New Inpatient Nursing units with 112 private beds; New endoscopic Oncology (GI) lab; New Pre-Admission Testing Department; New Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU); multiple Connecting Bridges to existing medical facility.

Phased renovations included: Outpatient Oncology; New C-Section suite with four operating rooms; Perinatal Evaluation & Treatment (PET) Department with 10 private patient rooms; Existing NICU and obstetrical on-call office suite; (2) New Labor & Delivery Rooms (LDR); and Replacement obstetrical lounges, lockers and on-call suites.

The project also included a new Central Plant that will house new chillers, pumps, emergency generators, electrical switchgear, medical air and vacuum pumps.

Diagnostic & Treatment Services Addition

One-story addition interfaced with the existing Surgery and Diagnostic Imaging (Radiology) Departments on the first floor ofSBMC in order to create four new operating rooms and associated support space within the Surgery Department as well as two Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanning rooms (replacing one current scanning room) and their required support spaces within the existing Diagnostic Imaging Department that is immediately adjacent to the Surgery Department.

The addition is approximately 4,920 gross square feet, with alteration of approximately 5,735 gross square feet of existing space adjacent to the addition.

Alteration and renovation of existing staff support spaces in the Surgery Department at approximately 4,850 SF.

Emergency Department

Renovate approximately 28,145 SF of the existing emergency department located on the 1st floor of the hospital. An additional 6,500 SF was cosmetic upgrade. PWI provided new VAV boxes with re-heat coils for this effort.The program will accommodate treatment rooms, fast-track, pediatrics, administration, lockers, DI. The East Wing is approximately 6,600 SF and was fitted out for Observation rooms. The project also included corridors/bridges as spaces to accommodate the new overall program. A new office/admin (1-story) building was constructed adjacent to the (approx.1,500SF).Total program space was approximately 46,145S/F. PWI designed New Air Handling units for the proposed program included OB’s and Office/Admin Building.