Capital Renewal & Infrastructure Planning

Capital Renewal Planning addresses deficiencies in facilities building systems that are at the end of their life cycle. The program prioritizes projects that address life safety, accessibility, infrastructure performance, resource efficiency, and renewal of critical building systems (e.g. electrical, plumbing, HVAC).

PWI has conducted infrastructure master plans for many clients recognizing their concerns for existing steam, chilled water, electrical (both normal and emergency), fire protection systems, plumbing systems, and  all site service utilities.  Our studies are driven by concerns for the adequacy of existing systems to maintain service while developing expanded capacity to serve expansions. 

These studies include and conclude the following:

  • Existing capacities versus existing and expected demands;
  • Reliability of existing systems;
  • Assessment of efficiency and condition of existing systems, equipment, and controls to meet the mission;
  • Code violations and safety concerns;
  • Identification of improvements to existing systems;
  • Identification and economic comparisons of expanded system solutions, with a focus toward reduced energy operating costs, reduced maintenance costs, and improved reliability;
  • A phased, multi-year implementation plan for each system, including budget, schedule and scope.

The results of the infrastructure master plans are recorded both in text reports and a Microsoft Access database that can be easily referenced by the facility’s personnel. 

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