Sustainability & Resiliency

Sustainability is a primary focus while designing or operating systems. A sustainable design reduces your carbon footprint and operational costs while continuing to add value over time.

For a facility, reducing operational costs can play a significant impact on improving their business. Utilizing renewable energy sources makes the system less reliant on traditional power sources. Alternative power options, like solar, wind, or water can create its own power at a minimal cost and, ultimately, increase the worth of your facility over time.

In additional, outdated energy sources contribute to the 40% of the greenhouse gas we use daily. Greenhouse gas is the number one contributor to climate change. By reducing carbon emissions, we are able to protect the environment and create a better future for all.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) provides:
  • Onsite generation of electrical and/or mechanical power
  • Waste-heat recovery for heating, cooling, dehumidification, or process applications
  • Seamless system integration for a variety of technologies, thermal applications, and fuel types into existing building infrastructure
Central Utility Plants (CUP) are the workhorses of your facility’s MEP systems.
Employing these sustainable energy and power options can save facilities and institutions considerable money on their energy bills, reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, avoid transmission and distribution losses that occur when electricity travel over power lines, and decrease the impact of outages and improving power quality for sensitive equipment.


Our philosophy is that we are the catalyst to aid our customers in reaching their defined goals. Our customers, through their unique situations and needs, dictate the methodology in which we support them through the process of achieving their objectives. Our approach is ‘energy smart’ and ‘engineering based’.

We are a lean-based company and understand what our clients want and need to provide them with the best value of their money being spent. When working with PWI Engineering, our partners will get dependable service, without wasting funds on unnecessary fees and paperwork.

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