Energy Procurement

The first step in the process to determine the potential for energy cost savings is to analyze each facility’s utility bills. When these utility bills are evaluated correctly a great deal of information can be extracted from the profile that is created.

When competing suppliers are given detailed information about a customer’s usage or profile, the cost per unit of measure that is quoted is then based on fact rather than theory. The more information a supplier receives from a customer, the more precise the cost and the greater the savings to the customer.

Key Areas

Our Budgeting, Forecasting and Purchasing services will guide you through a process that will help protect you from high prices and penalty charges while staying within your risk parameters.


Our philosophy is that we are the catalyst to aid our customers in reaching their defined goals. Our customers, through their unique situations and needs, dictate the methodology in which we support them through the process of achieving their objectives. Our approach is ‘energy smart’ and ‘engineering based’.

We are a lean-based company and understand what our clients want and need to provide them with the best value of their money being spent. When working with PWI Engineering, our partners will get dependable service, without wasting funds on unnecessary fees and paperwork.

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